2022- The Year of Gaslighting Perfection

Saturday, Dec 31, 2022
Jim Sutton

This is my last post of 2022, a post to capture my thoughts as preparations are underway to celebrate the arrival of 2023. I've read several articles this morning from various writers around the world that have commented on what they considered to be the highlights and lows of 2022. All of them had some great observations, but one of them seemed especially relevant to me based on my observations and experiences in 2022.

The article suggested that 2022 was the year of the gaslighted. Gaslighting is defined as a form of psychological abuse in which a person or group causes someone to question their own sanity, memories, or perception of reality. People who experience gaslighting may feel confused, anxious, or as though they cannot trust themselves. I think that many do not realize they have been gas lighted into believing against their own cognitive abilities, living with dichotomies that are only to evident to those around them.

Both my wife and I have seen this in people around us, especially in regards to the COVID-19 propaganda, the political dialog concerning President Trump and the state of our American economy. 

From our perspective, we observe that some people have disregarded the immense amount of data and research that has shown the COVID-19 jabs and the wearing of facial coverings are detrimental to a person's health and well-being. I've posted some of this medical research on our website, but there is far more out there with just a cursory search. People that would normally entertain conversation regarding this debate have closed off communication, believing that their own thoughts and those of authoritarian sources such as the AMA, CDC, FDA and others are the only source of truth. The reality is that they have been gaslighted into believing this, as the information shows that these organizations were compromised many years ago and do not serve the public interest in regards to a persons health. Quite the opposite, they are actually following an agenda that clearly compromises ones health and well-being. I believe that many people do have the ability to know better, but they have been gas lighted into believing that their own misgivings are not to be trusted.

Regarding the 2020 election and elections since that time, people have been gas lighted into ignoring their own ability to critically see that there are clear danger signs to our system of elected governance occurring in many states and counties in America. There is ample evidence of this that I've posted on our website, but much more that is accessible to anyone with a cursory level of investigation. The rabbit hole goes deep, and the idea that a person such as President Trump who did not take a paycheck and actually got poorer as he served in elected office would be the "bad guy" is gaslighting people that ordinarily should be able to differentiate fact from fiction. The fact that those who the media lift up as "good guys" get richer as they serve in elected office seems to never enter a gaslighted person's conversation. There are many more dichotomies such as "It's the economy stupid!" that are clearly evident when contrasting the current administration with President Trump's administration. Maintaining independent thought from compromised and agenda driven public media authorities is impossible unless one recognizes they have been gas lighted to reject their own misgivings in regards to their own interests and those of their fellow citizens with the current administration and their actions to remove freedom from the citizenry.

One would think that the economy we have experienced this year would be a wake-up call for those gaslighted individuals given that the previous 4 years under President Trump's administration had enabled by NOT passing bills such as the recent tragic Omnibus bill which will implement a variety of tax increases targeting middle class America and driving poverty further into the American experience. But these people seem to be more like the humans embedded into the pods depicted in The Matrix, a movie released on March 31, 1999 bearing a message that is prophetic for this time in American history. What about those 87,000 IRS agents that are on the government payroll by Mr. Biden's Executive order, did the "orange man" do something like that? The fact that "orange man" might resonate with some indicates a profound level of gaslighting that has removed critical thinking from far too many American citizens. The contrast between these two men and their families are about as broad as can be to a reasonable, thinking person.

I pray that 2023 will be a year for our family members and friends that provides for more honest dialog about the state of our nation, and the dangers that are rapidly approaching to turn the freedom we have inherited from wiser ancestors into a fascist state where God is foolishly rejected in our social fabric and legal framework of laws. I pray that we would once again be given the opportunity to discern truth, the kind of truth that sets people free from the bondages placed by blind adherence to authorities that do not have our best interests in mind. I pray that all we know and love may learn how to turn off the gas lighting that has led many people into believing lies about themselves and the world we live in.  More importantly, to reject the lies about our Creator and God who offers us the freedom to choose to return His love for us. To acknowledge His lordship over His creation and the beauty of the world he created and has prepared in eternity for us would be a great start! For then, the power of a sound mind, a clear conscience and the love we all so desperately need will undo the power of evil to deceive and corrupt our ability to live in the freedom and joy of His love, making the world a better place for the children who will one day inherit it from us.