Welcome 2020!

Tuesday, Dec 31, 2019
Jim Sutton

2020. Wow! From one who was born in 1956 and the other who was born in 1966, being here is quite the thrill! And now that the children are starting lives of their own, there is the opportunity to begin new adventures, find new challenges, continue to love deeply and preserve that which has been a light to our path and lamp to our feet and face this decade hand in hand, filled with the expectation that there is still much to learn and experience.

Rachel and I will see our second daughter married this Spring, and our third daughter make decisions about what she will do after High School graduation soon after. What an experience to raise four children that are quite diverse, and yet all raised in the same home. We’ve started this blog to begin writing about our experiences both new and old, passing on our thoughts about life, love, happiness, struggles and balancing contentment with expectations. We may write about friendships that have been meaningful and/or instructive while preserving their privacy. We hope to write about things that are inspirational and supportive for our friends that will take time to read our thoughts.

So this is what we hope will be just the beginning of a new discipline/joy for us in this new decade. We wish all who read this a Happy New Year, and a decade filled with joy, peace and love!

Jim & Rachel

1 year ago - Jim. S. - TXReply
This was my first post on the blog back in the end of 2019. Today I implemented the ability for people to post on these blogs! Very excited as this was in my mind back in 2019, it just took awhile to put all the pieces together!