10 Days

Sunday, Jan 10, 2021
Jim Sutton

I am writing this 10 days before what some people think will be an inauguration of a Democrat President that was fraudulently and unconstitutionally elected in America. While my home state of Texas did indeed send Republican Electors to the Electoral College that convened on December 14, 2020, the national Presidential results by the Electoral College were alleged to be have been in favor of the Democrat nominee by the media that is controlled by 6 major corporations in America. On January 6, 2021, Congress met to certify the results.

Five times my colleagues and I on the city Council certified the results of the elections in our city when I was on the city Council. Five times my colleagues and I personally attested to the veracity and integrity of those elections by researching and verifying that any indications of fraud from any source did not exist. It is unconscionable that Congress certified such a fraudulent election, and it is an affront to the American people that they did.

There are sources of information on platforms such as, (Tiger Network), Citizens Free Press and others that indicate that the results are not valid, and have been manipulated by people who seek to transform this country away from its Constitutional basis. Media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, corporate news services (ABC, CNN, NBC, etc.) and some public servants have violated their trust with the American people in suppressing this information from reaching the eyes and ears of this land.

Lt. General Tom McInerney has stated that what has happened is high treason. He is not the only one that is bringing information to light that indicates a planned corruption of our nations election process and the results. The corruption has been joined by operatives in other countries that had direct control over the voting results through the internet. The internet seems to be mysterious at times with access to websites protected by passwords and access codes so that it would seem impossible to discover this level of corruption. But no communication can exist on the internet without the information of which computer originates a command, and which computer receives it. This information is stored on servers throughout the world, and it can be accessed by people whose business is protecting America’s interests.

If you haven’t heard by now, computer laptops were taken from various Legislator’s offices, including the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. This was not done by the antifa protestors that were paid and ushered into the Capitol by Capitol Police so that the news media could paint Trump supporters as aggressors and deceive as many people as possible, but by military special operations people that are loyal to the Constitution that guides this nation.

A crime cannot be punished that has not been committed. This will become important to recognize in days to come. Evidence of high treason crimes has been gathered. What will happen in the days ahead is known only to a few, and I am not in that circle of people, nor do I have knowledge of who they are. I do know that President Trump can be trusted, and he knows who these people are that will work towards justice for those who have violated our nation’s allegiance to our Constitution. I pray for them, that God will give them wisdom and protection, and that the Constitution that has enabled our religious and self governing rights such as free speech and 2nd Amendment rights will be preserved in this generation and the ones to come.

I pray for the youth that have been deceived by the false claims of atheism and socialism. I pray that they may come to understand that love is only possible with a God that also judges evil. I pray for their future, that they may come to experience the blessings of the liberty this nation has provided to many throughout the world, the liberty to live in peace with each other with a full understanding of the meaning and implementation of tolerance in a society that honors God for their existence and welfare.

I write this now, knowing that the next 10 days, and perhaps even beyond that will be historical. I believe many will take it upon themselves to write about it in the years to come. The kingdom of heaven is not of this earth, but as Christians we are called to let the light of God’s kingdom shine through us on this earth. They will know us by our love, yet we are also told in scripture to love justice, embrace mercy, and walk humbly with God throughout our life. I pray that we all will find God’s presence and blessing in our nation as we traverse through this difficult time. See you on the other side of this historical time!