We have a few news, blogs and resource links that we have found handy for our use. Check them out! The links will change from time to time as we encounter new websites we want to share with friends.

Home & Garden

Polyface Farms
Great resource website for healthy gardens out of Virginia

Fossil Creek Tree Farm
Locally owned (Fort Worth, TX) amazing source of everything related to plants and gardens.

Stark Brothers Nursery
A growing legacy since 1816 based in Missouri. For over 200 years, Stark Bro's has helped people around America provide delicious home-grown food for their families.

CSA Local Harvest
Real food, real farmers, real community. Links to local area farmers and natural produce.

Helpful Websites

The definitive list of far left-wing companies that you should boycott
Excellent, kept up to date website for weighing your purchasing decisions. Also has a list of good companies to support. Detailed, specific information that will help clarify what choices are available to conservative people in America at any given time. If you think that companies ought to be held accountable for poor decisions, this is a go-to website. Also a great website covering investment strategy for conservatives.

SSL Trust
Free Website Safety & Security Check

Time and Date and more!
Perpetual calendar to check what the day was for a date, time zone conversions, weather, sun and moon cycles, timers, calculators of all types (e.g., calculate your age in minutes, hours or seconds to name just one), holidays, free fun stuff, all around great "utility" website to be aware of and utilize when needed.

Who Calls Me
Reverse Phone Call Lookup

White Pages
Find people, contact info and background checks

Fast People Search
Good search engine to find out information on people that is public

ZIP Codes
Free ZIP code lookup and map

Access to over 27,000 journals, over 171,000 ebooks, and over 15 million images, videos, and interactive resources.

Home School

Texas Home School Coalition
Organization that advances homeschooling and protects parental rights

Local organization providing Christian-based adventure, character, and leadership programs

Home School Legal Defense Association
Provides tens of thousands of families the freedom to home school without having to face legal threats alone

News Links

Blogs & Commentary Links

Government and Party Websites

Texas Government
Main website for Texas State Government Services

Tarrant County
Main website for Tarrant County Government Services

Haltom City
Main website for Haltom City Government Services

Texas Republican Party
Main website for Texas Republican Party

Tarrant County Republican Party
Main website for Tarrant County Republican Party

Precinct 4410 – Republican website
Precinct 4410 in Tarrant County Republican website