Home & Garden

Polyface Farms Great resource website for healthy gardens, food and living out of Virginia

Fossil Creek Tree Farm Locally owned (Fort Worth, TX) amazing source of everything related to plants and gardens.

Stark Brothers Nursery A growing legacy since 1816 based in Missouri. For over 200 years, Stark Bro's has helped people around America provide delicious home-grown food for their families.

CSA Local Harvest Real food, real farmers, real community. Links to local area farmers and natural produce.

Living Well Clinical Nutrition Center Link to the article "Whole Food Vitamins: Ascorbic Acid Is Not Vitamin C". The website is a source of information pertaining to nutritional health.

Homesteaders of America Learn about real homesteading, from real people, in real life.

Off Grid with Doug and Stacy Their passion is to blend “old ways” with a modern twist so people can be more self-reliant, live an intentional healthier life. Homesteading is possible! The website has links to all their YouTube videos, store, a blog and ideas for everything related to living closer to the land God created for us to inhabit.

Permaculture and homesteading Website community loaded with resources pertaining to permaculture and homesteading. Practical methods to learn everything about being more self sufficient and balancing the resources God gave us here on earth with healthy and sustainable living. Great resource website for raising chickens in your backyard that contains a lot of articles on everything chicken/ducks/guineas etc. and a forum. Another great resource put together by a blogger named Susan with a lot of informative articles on everything chicken!

A couple chicken videos we've put together

Our Chicken Coop Construction Story

Swinger Chickens is a free repair manual website that has been setup for people just like us to find out how to fix things and post how we fixed things. Great idea, it has been useful to our family. From the website: iFixit is a wiki-based site located in the United States that teaches people how to fix almost anything. Anyone can create a repair manual for a device, and anyone can also edit the existing set of manuals to improve them. Our site empowers individuals to share their technical knowledge with the rest of the world.