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Alisa Childers Blog From Alisa's bio: As a lifelong church-goer, follower of Jesus, and former CCM recording artist with ZOE Girls, I experienced a period of profound doubt about my faith in my mid-thirties. I felt as though I had been tossed in a stormy ocean of uncertainty with no life jacket or lifeboat in sight. I didn't know where to find answers to my questions, or if answers existed at all. Did I have to accept it all on some kind of blind faith? This is my journey from unreasoned doubt into vibrant, intellectually informed faith.
Whether you're a seeker, a doubting Christian, or strong Christian wanting to become better at articulating your faith, I pray that this website will be a lifeboat for you. So jump in and let’s tackle the tough questions together.

Eric Metaxas Blog Eric Metaxas is the New York Times #1 bestselling author of Martin Luther, If You Can Keep ItBonhoeffer, Miracles, Seven Women, Seven Men, and Amazing Grace. He is the host of the Eric Metaxas Radio Show, a nationally syndicated radio program heard in more than 120 cities around the U.S., featuring in-depth interviews with a wide variety of guests. Metaxas is a Senior Fellow and Lecturer at Large for the King’s College in New York City. Metaxas’ humor writing was first published in the Atlantic Monthly, and has appeared in The New York Times. Woody Allen has called these pieces “quite funny.” Eric’s book and movie reviews, essays, and poetry have appeared in The New York Times, The New Yorker, The Washington Post, Christianity Today, National Review, and First Things. He has been awarded fellowships to Yaddo and the MacDowell Colony for his short stories. His cult-classic Don’t You Believe It! — a book-length parody of the Ripley’s “Believe It Or Not!” books — led novelist Mark Helprin to dub Metaxas “the true heir to the Far Side’s Gary Larson.”

Brandon Robbins - The Chosen If you’re interested in diving deeper beyond the season 3, episode 1 and beyond; if you enjoy learning biblical and historical details that will not only change the way you see the episodes, but help you to see the Bible with an entirely new set of eyes, then join Brandon for The Chosen Explained. The link is to the first video blog on YouTube for episode 1. Other links on YouTube exist for additional episodes.

Joel Salatin the Lunatic Farmer Frequent meditations or devotionals centered on food and farming that bring a wise and humble conscience to practice, policy, and participation. A staple blog for Rachel and I that is a consistent source of encouragement and insight.

Prepsteaders A huge collection of YouTube videos that help prepare people for what appears to be on the horizon for our nation and in many places in the world. The knowledge, wisdom & provisions to survive today, tomorrow & eternity. PREPSTEADING is at the intersection of Prepping & Homesteading. Living fully today, doing our best to heal, preserve, & sustain it, while preparing for whatever tomorrow brings. It's the same self-sufficient survivalist mindset of our grandparents.

Rod Dreher Blog Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative. A veteran of three decades of magazine and newspaper journalism, he has also written three New York Times bestsellers—Live Not By Lies, The Benedict Option, and The Little Way of Ruthie Leming—as well as Crunchy Cons and How Dante Can Save Your Life. Dreher lives in Baton Rouge, La.

Christian Life Resources Excellent website for more in-depth, yet understandable research and study of those nagging questions about innerrancy of Scripture. Their website states that they are The Simple, Powerful Way to Dig into Biblical Truth Every Day. One of the questions that drew me to this website was a posting titled Was the New Testament Written in Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek?  Their website in a nutshell is summed up as We exist to empower believers everywhere to go deeper in the Bible through a fusion of Bible study resources and powerful technology. Your questions, biblical answers. Short, readable, yet compelling articles relating to many questions one might have regarding Christianity and the beliefs that are contained within it. From simple questions relating to God, Jesus Christ, Salvation, Holy Spirit, the Bible, end times, physical health, sleep, Christian history and a lot more to more complex ones like What are Codex Sinaiticus and Codex Vaticanus?, the website delivers a lot of thoughtful responses to those questions that can be a great resource for anyone's journey through life.

Most Christians Don't Know This About Dinosaurs Interesting YouTube video posted by Answers in Genesis that goes into the questions we all have had from our youth - the struggle to align the Bible with what our current culture and age tell us about the age of the earth and its origins and about reality itself. Our worldview certainly filters what we will be able to detect about reality, and this video delivers on that essential question.

Christian Thinkers Teaching Pastors and Christians How to Become Thinkers & Thinkers How to Become Christians.

Conversations That Matter Jon Harris is the author of Conversations That Matter. From his about page:
I like BBQ on everything; am a direct descendent of the Scottish reformer, John Knox; & have a 98 year-old grandfather who as a kid knew Civil War soldiers.

Rood Awakening Michael Rood is an author, historian, teacher, broadcaster, and life-long student of the Bible — a most unique “Biblical Chronologist”.
A Rood Awakening! International is a non-profit ministry dedicated to restoring the Hebrew roots of the Christian faith. A rebuttal of Michael Rood's theory presented on his John 4:6 posting and a bit of Michael's background is here.

Allen Parr Ministries The #1 online Bible study discipleship program on the internet to grow deeper in your faith.

Norm Geisler Dr. Norman Geisler, PhD, was a prolific author, veteran professor, speaker, lecturer, traveler, philosopher, apologist, evangelist, and theologian. A mentor to countless apologists and theologians, several consider him to be the grandfather of classical, evangelical Christian apologetics–a wide-ranging, holistic apologetic that would encompass foundational matters like knowing truth about reality, to knowing God exists by reasoning from effects to their causes, to the historical trustworthiness of the four gospel accounts, to the fact of the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead, to the full deity and humanity of Jesus Christ, to Jesus’s view of the Bible as without error.

G.K. Chesterton was the best writer of the 20th century. He said something about everything and he said it better than anybody else. But he was no mere wordsmith. He was very good at expressing himself, but more importantly, he had something very good to express. The reason he was the greatest writer of the 20th century was because he was also the greatest thinker of the 20th century.

Mickey Robinson I first heard of Mickey on an Eric Metaxis podcast. Amazing life he has lived! He has been through life and death situations and experienced some of what I experienced growing up in the 60's and 70's. Very relatable, and very intriguing.

Torah Resource I found this website when studying about forgiveness. Insightful content that is a lot like a commentary on Scripture, but much more than just a commentary. This is a good go-to website when one has questions that need contemplative and well researched answers based on the Scripture that has been passed on to us from the earliest times.

Torah Anytime Not technically a Christian resource, but a website resource that reveals much about the nature of God and the understanding God has built into his special relationship with the Jewish people and is available to all who seek Him. This website is not for people who do not like to think, be challenged, or grow in their understanding of the world God created and His love for us as human beings.

Current Events & Commentary Websites

The Prickly Pear The Prickly Pear is fearless citizen commentary, daily news roundup, videos and archived material on various current events and subjects. Great site to check for perspective when you need to hear from more than one source on current events.

PragerU Prager University has a wealth of video resources on any current topic, and some you might not be aware of. If you want to think about the issues of today, and hear from an organization that articulates the issues fairly, accurately and comprehensively, this is a website you should have bookmarked and visit when you have a few minutes. Each video condenses the topic into a 5 minute video. Additional resources are there for going even further into a given issue from a variety of subject matter experts. If you want something that will inspire you to think, this is a good place to start.

Babylon Bee The Babylon Bee is the world’s best satire site, totally inerrant in all its truth claims. We write satire about Christian stuff, political stuff, and everyday life. The Babylon Bee was created ex nihilo on the eighth day of the creation week, exactly 6,000 years ago. We have been the premier news source through every major world event, from the Tower of Babel and the Exodus to the Reformation and the War of 1812. We focus on just the facts, leaving spin and bias to other news sites like CNN and Fox News.

Awaken With JP Sears JP Sears is a comedian who tours the country doing stand-up comedy and publishing weekly online videos. In addition to inspiring laughter in a weird world, JP’s work takes an unapologetic stand for freedom, free speech, and encouraging people to free themselves from fear.

Red Pill University A website that is devoted to current events that will take you "beyond the matrix" - a reference to the 1999 movie. We've attended the November 2022 Expo and found much information that helps to "connect the dots" in our current national and world situation. This is the main website that is a portal into this channel of information.

America Can We Talk Debbie Georgatos hosts the conservative talk show America, Can We Talk? She is a public speaker, author, past Fox News Radio national political analyst, and former California labor/employment litigation attorney. The mission of her book, Ladies, Can We Talk? and her show America, Can We Talk?  is to inspire more Americans to actively embrace American-style liberty, protect America’s exceptional nature, and claim their place in the American political conversation.

Sarah Dengler's YouTube Video on Slavery - "This Made Me so Mad! - Facts About Slavery" resonated with my Pennsylvania ancestry heritage - people that were willing to give their lives to eradicate slavery in this land. This 16 minute video that reacts to Thomas Sowell's "Facts about Slavery never mentioned in school" will lead you to question and reject today's race charlatans who are masters of historical revisionism.

Barnhardt In the FAQ section Ann answers the question, Are you crazy or otherwise mentally ill? Her answer: You wish. That would make me so much easier to dismiss, wouldn’t it?  My stock answer is, “If fitting in to this culture and society constitutes sanity, then please God, let me never be sane.”  Ann Barnhardt is excellent in covering medical, financial and Christian / Catholic news.

The Conservative Treehouse Our Mission at The Conservative Treehouse is to be the premier assembly of freedom loving people.  To that end we commit to: (1) The highest standard of stewardship for our fellowship, (2) Being intolerant of hate and division, (3) Uphold faith in the purposes of a loving God; however you perceive him to be, (4) Affirm the inherent dignity, value and right to privacy of our members, (5) The accurate dissemination of truth; without fear or apology, because ultimately the Truth Has No Agenda.

Make Americans Free Again National organization that is EFFECTIVELY standing up against unconstitutional COVID responses.

From the Desk of Donald J. Trump, President Trump's archive news and fund raiser website is what is now available online since the website was updated on Jun 1, 2021. He is currently posting on Truth Social, his social media website.

Local Blogs & Websites

For Liberty And Justice
If you want to understand why Tarrant County, one of the large urban areas in our nation that has remained conservative while every other urban area has leftist political leaders that are destroying civil society, this podcast will provide critical clues to the reasons we are different. I recommend Season 1 Episode 6 for one of the first one to listen to. I haven't listened to them all yet, but they are on my TODO list now that I've discovered this rich resource. And I've met some of the people involved in these podcasts, and sense a solidarity with them because of our common faith in Jesus Christ.

Pushing Back the Frontiers of Ignorance A friend's blogging website, one that has an annual book list I look forward to each year. His family and our family shared good times as we fellowshipped at a church together and participated in the Best Robotics program, taking one of the designs to a state competition.

Technical Blogs Blog Everything Arduino. If you have to ask, this website is probably not one you'd be interested in.

Make Use Of A blog/news website covering technology.