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News Aggregate Sites This is my daily go-to for the news that matters. An alternative news site that breaks stories you won't get anywhere else, at least for a few hours or even days. "Lucianne.Com News Forum Is a News Salon - - NOT a Saloon" If you can't be civilized, find another website.’s registered users are our reporters.  By extension our users are the editors too.  Remember these rules to keep this site a salon and not a saloon. Don’t type anything you would not say in your mother’s living room. This is your site and it is up to you to keep it a civilized place.  Users who do not follow these rules will be warned.  Users who continue to break the rules the user will be blocked.

News Channels

Bongino Report Dan Bongino's website. The guy has connections to the real news stories of the day.

Epoch Times Great research staff, what newspapers used to do in terms of researching the news, Epoch Times has taken their place. Mostly subscription based news, but a well rounded news site for keeping up with news anywhere it happens.

NeedToKnow news
This is the official news site of G. Edward Griffin. The primary media outlets in every country currently are dominated by collectivists who believe it is their duty to present the news in such a way that the common man will have a “correct” opinion. Even those of us who are aware of this bias can fall victim to it if we have no access to the raw facts.

In most cases, the truth is available even within mainstream media if one has the time to search for it. Unfortunately, that excludes just about everyone who is preoccupied with earning a living or raising a family. The goal of Need to Know is to provide unfiltered news and commentary as an antidote to Newspeak.

Just The News Great news website that is well organized for news at a more national and political level. Also includes links to various podcasts.

One America News One America News Network is owned by Herring Networks, Inc. Herring Networks, Inc. is a family owned and operated, independent media company focused on providing high quality national television programming to consumers via its national cable networks.

NTD NTD is a New York-based, global television network founded in 2001 by Chinese-Americans who fled communism. They understood that independent media are crucial to a free society. So they created NTD to bring the world uncensored and truthful information—no matter the cost. This website has live TV news that is owned by conservatives.

Stew Peters network Uncensored, Unafraid, Unstoppable.

News Commentary Sites

American Thinker  My go-to website for daily commentary on current events.