Swords and Plowshares

Friday, Oct 29, 2021
Jim Sutton

The last couple months I have been posting various articles and links regarding the nations health and political climate on the health portion of this website and my precinct website and have not taken the time to post a blog till now. I believe America's destiny is once again at the brink of a historical opportunity. That doesn't mean everyone will recognize it as such, only that the proper elements are in place for a potential transition of what American will represent in the near future.

Many people that existed at the time of the nation's Revolutionary War with England thought that the efforts of the Colonial leaders were misguided at best, and extreme at worst. Why break with the world's super power at the time over something as trivial as a Tea tax, financial and tax disagreements or the natural and often beneficial slowness of bureaucracy to address concerns? Didn't the Crown have the right to set policies that preserved our safety and welfare according to his perspective? Sure, it may mean some suffer for the greater good in the short term, but in the broader perspective it would seem to be justified, or so they thought.

At another time in our history we fought among ourselves over several conflicting issues such as the relationship of states to the Federal government and the equality of its residents. There were passionate sentiments on each side of the issues, people that articulated their beliefs in a compelling and motivating manner. We were not able to resolve those differences without bloodshed and violence to further resolve what it meant to be American. The Civil War was the second major time in American history that a transition took place that redefined what it meant to be an American.

The 20th Century brought further changes to the perceived rights, privileges and heritage of the American citizen. With freedom comes responsibility, and the wars of that century would find the American people fulfilling that understanding and further defining the unique place that America had carved in human history. The Civil Rights movement that worked to change the tyranny of the Democrats Jim Crow laws throughout the South was the most recent manifestation of changes in the meaning of those privileged words - American citizen. Those are just four major transitions that have defined the American spirit, but there are other periods where transitions also resolved the meaning and practical experience of the American citizen.

We are now in a time where I believe another major transition is underway. History will tell us if it was as significant as those major transitions such as the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the great wars of the 20th Century or the Civil Rights movement. Some will deny that a change is underway or even necessary, just as some did in past times. They are like the proverbial frog in the pot that is lulled asleep by the warmth and comfort of their existence. Some will decry the changes and attempt to uphold the familiar status quo. There are the instigators of the change, which in this period of American history seeks to do away with a Constitutional form of government. There will be confusion at first as different strategies are implemented to transition to the new America. If the current plans of the instigators are not arrested, the reality that America has been redefined will come too late to those who are currently ignorant/uninformed to voice opposition.

We are quickly approaching the time when the polarization in America over our nations purpose, heritage and Constitutional ideals are coming to a decision point. It cannot be denied that there is a move to change this nation from a rule by law perspective to an oligarchy that defines the laws. This tension has been in place ever since the exponential growth of the bureaucratic state which has no allegiance to an elected power and seeks power that is hidden in the palatable terms of health and safety. Health and safety are ostensibly the reason for their existence. Take any 3 or 4 letter government agency and evaluate why it exists. FBI - safety, FDA - health and safety, HUD - health and safety, CIA - safety, and a pattern emerges. We have created a Frankenstein in the bureaucratic largess of American that encroaches daily on the lives of what it perceives to be its mission to "protect" its subjects and serfs. Many people have succumbed to their false promises, and cannot see the gross dichotomies that exist with an uncensored view of the agencies work.

Some have resurrected the old arguments that Loyalists used against the Revolutionary leaders. Some are acting impulsively, setting in motion a playing field that appears to have been planned from the beginning. But there will be those that act with wisdom, foresight and courage. Since I am writing this on the near left side of the transitional period, it remains to be seen whether those efforts will prevail. No one in the past had the luxury of knowing their efforts to preserve the ideals of the American experiment of self-governance would prevail. "Sufficient for the day is the evil therein". Knowing this, we also know and take comfort that God's purposes will prevail over the evils of this time. Let us pray for metallurgical wisdom that practically understands the transformative methods regarding swords and plowshares.